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      The founder of SUPTING Mr. Richard is no doubt a flight goer, for he spends almost half of the time on business traveling. In order to keep his high-quality life, Richard found he needed smart bags that were intelligent, high efficient and more convenient for organizing, last but not least, looks simple. He realized he was not the only one who needs this. That’s why Richard was determined to provide an approach that can subtly combine the intelligent design together, and bring infinite possibilities to a simple bag.


      He extremely pays attention to the functional design of the bags, and ceaseless pursuit of quality and details, and thus SUPTING came into being. Nowadays, SUPTING products are gradually permeating into all corners of people’s life, from traveling storage bags to daily laptop bags, presenting endless surprises to users. People from over 149 countries are now enjoying the great intelligence and convenience SUPTING brings to them.


      SUPTING is dedicated to making commute and travel smarter and easier. The mission is to combine function and simple style perfectly in one bag. SUPTING provides the most simple and intelligent solutions for every product line. From the laptop bag to the travel packing cubes, and many more, the products are made to last. With the help of SUPTING, the commuters can spend more time focus on their work, the travelers can spend more time enjoying the journey and less time packing for it, Whether setting out on an expedition or vacationing with the ones you love. SUPTING will be there every step of the way.